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Trainer: Petr Krejci (how I got into CrossFit)

I discovered CrossFit when I was 23. I was playing rugby for a local team and  was looking for ways to get stronger and fitter.  After I started using the CrossFit method in my training I saw great progression on the rugby field. Within a year I decided to get qualified as a CrossFit trainer and attended a Level 1 seminar. I have found joy and passion in helping other people to achieve their training goals whatever they might be.  The best thing about CrossFit for me is that it is constantly varied, you literally never get bored.

The typical session consists of:

The session is 1 hour long and is led by a qualified trainer. The maximum amount of people in one session is limited to 8 to ensure good technique across all the exercises. The limited number of clients also means that we can tailor the session to each person. The benefit is, you get the individual attention of a personal trainer with the fun and support of a group class.

Warm Up

The session warm up usually lasts around 10 minutes. The purpose of warming up is to prepare you for the workout ahead by:

– Raising your heart rate

– Mobilising your joints

– Activating your muscles

– Activating your neurological and physiological pathways (getting your brain to talk to your body)


Strength/Skill Work

The strength or skill section of the workout aims to increase your overall strength in a movement, increase your skill in performing a movement or both.

We can take 10-20 minutes to improve your ability to perform a specific movement.



The next section of the workout is usually for conditioning (cardio). It aims to improve your metabolic conditioning and your ability to sustain power output over short, medium and long durations. The conditioning, along with the rest of the programming is constantly varied to ensure your body doesn’t get used to a certain training stimulus and therefore, stops adapting.


Cool down

After the workout has finished you will have time to cool down, stretch and make a note of your time/scores. A proper cool down is as important as the main workout itself.